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Fox Styling NW personal styling
Jenny Fox, owner of Fox Styling NW, personal stylist

About Me

When I was young, I found my love in fashion! Beauty books, fashion magazines, and movies brought me so much joy and inspiration. Fashion and style was more than just a hobby, and I dreamed of becoming a model or fashion stylist. 
In my teens, my relationship with my body changed as my small size was seen as not normal by many around me. I was teased for being skinny, taken to doctors to make sure nothing was wrong with me, and put on weight gain diets. My size was making me feel ashamed and I wanted to hide. Fashion, once my biggest love, became a way for me to hide my normal body. My layers of comfort helped hide my depression even through my younger adult years.
Into my mid-thirties I found myself walking through life on auto-pilot. My passion was gone, and I needed it back. My 40th birthday was coming up, so I chose to have a rockstar party with a look to match. I started buying makeup and using it for the first time in years, and incorporating designer fashions into my wardrobe. It became part of my daily self care routine.
The week of my party, we had to cancel the event. My designer look would stay on a hanger and I was spending my days working at home. Every spare moment was spent shopping and looking at beauty products online, and it gave me inspiration to take chances on my future and who I wanted to be. 
I knew something within me was being unlocked, but it wasn’t until I took a seasonal position with a beauty brand that the doors opened. My days were spent connecting with people, learning more about beauty and fashion brands. In my 40’s, I felt a joy that took me back to my childhood. 
While I was finding my joy, my body was changing. One day, I found an ad online for a styling course through a New York fashion school online, and I signed up right away! I devoured every moment, not just from the personal styling course, but I was also watching virtual styling programs and webinars. Being taught about style gave me confidence and I knew who I wanted to be. I opened Fox Styling NW!
As a young girl, I was always big into fashion and style; now as a woman of a certain age, I wanted to live the life that little girl always dreamed of. Style has given me my confidence and become a daily part of my self care ritual. This has motivated me to help men and women in their 40's incorporate more style in their lives and connect with their bodies.

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